KlattWorks is a freely available speech synthesizer that I have developed over the last few years. KlattWorks makes scripting, continuum generation, visualization, and copy-synthesis easy with an array of tools specialized for language scientists. Complete information can be found here.

OSF Site

A number of other publicly available tools have been developed. These include
  • EyelinkAnal: an MS Access data base for processing and managing eye-tracking data from the Eyelink system.
  • Curvefitting for psycholinguists: a set of matlab tools for fitting common nonlinear functions to data including the logistic, the double gaussian, the exponential, and the exGaussian.
These are available on the McMurray Lab Open Science Framework site.

Glossary of Speech Perception

Speech is full of obscure jargon and technical things. This glossary may help.

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