Pigeons in Paris

Pigeons in Paris

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The Comparative Cognition Laboratory is a part of the Department of Psychology at the University of Iowa.

Our research concerns the experimental investigation of cognitive processes in animal behavior, with particular interests in comparing cognition and perception in humans and nonhuman animals.  Specific research topics include: conceptual behavior, visual pattern recognition, short-term memory, and causal perception.

Some people may be uneasy as new studies find increasing similarities between animal and human mental abilities. Nevertheless, the aim is to learn how much thinking ability is general throughout the animal kingdom. The evidence that we collect constantly surprises us and forces us to view human behavior in a fresh light.


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Quote of the Day
Published: December 6, 1988 The New York Times

"Darwin raised the possibility of a continuity in mental development from animals to human beings. And it certainly looks as though he was right.'' - Dr. Edward A. Wasserman of the University of Iowa, discussing the pigeon mind.


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